Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil include relief of pain and inflammation, improving respiratory conditions, sanitizing, and even repelling insects.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Comes From Leaves

Eucalyptus plants from the family Myrtaceae are tall evergreen trees that are native to Australia, Tasmania and nearby islands. Now they can than be found all around the world. They represent over 500 (some report 700) distinct species.

Eucalyptus oil is made from the leaves of eucalyptus trees. The leaves are dried, crushed and then distilled to produce the oil. The most common species used to make essential oils are

  • Eucalyptus Globulus (Blue Gum, Fever Tree, or Gum Tree),
  • Eucalyptus Radiata (Narrow-Leaved Eucalyptus) and
  • Eucalyptus Citriodora (Lemon Eucalyptus).

Characteristics of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The oils from these different eucalyptus trees are all very similar. They can be used interchangeably or even blended together. The main difference is in the aroma.

The oil itself is colorless, but has a distinctive taste and aroma. The important medicinal benefits of eucalyptus oil come, primarily, from a compound know as eucalyptol or cineole. This compound has antimicrobial properties and is used in many over-the-counter preparations including rubs, inhalers, creams and mouthwashes.

The compounds in eucalyptus oil that produce the benefits are described in a journal article in the “Journal of Stored Products Research”, Activity of essential oil and its major compound, 1,8-cineole, from Eucalyptus globulus Labill., against the storage fungi Aspergillus flavus Link and Aspergillus parasiticus Speare. The major compounds are:

  • Eucalyptol or 1,8-Cineole (89.95%)
  • Tricyclene (2.95%)
  • β-Pinene (1.64%).

Other compounds are found at less than 1% concentrations.

Experiencing the Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The ways eucalyptus oil should be used are for inhalation (via diffuser or a steam) and topically when diluted with other oils as a rub (similar to Vicks® VapoRub™).

The benefits of eucalyptus essential oil include revealing pain, reducing inflammation, clearing respiratory mucus, fighting viral and fungal infections. It is found in cough and cold medicines, mouthwashes, soaps, and in cleaners to help sanitize household areas.


Do not take eucalyptus oil internally. Avoid using eucalyptus oil with children under 6 or with people who have epilepsy, estrogen dependent cancer, or high blood pressure.

Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The following video shows common ways of using eucalyptus essential oils.

Hi. I’m Andrea from aroma head Institute. And I want to show you a couple of my favorite ways to use eucalyptus essential oil.

Now there’s a couple different kinds of eucalyptus essential oils. Today I have oil from two species of eucalyptus plants, eucalyptus radiata, and I have eucalyptus globulus. I love them both.

They have very similar uses. They’re very similar from a chemistry perspective and from an aromatic perspective. I think the radion is a little softer and I happen to have more of it, so I’m gonna use that in this video. But they’re pretty interchangeable.

So that we’re gonna show three different uses.

Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Cleaning

The first benefit of eucalyptus essential oil is as a cleaning spray, a really nice cleaning spray. It’s so simple. It’s just a 16 ounce spray bottle that I’ve filled a lot of the way with water. And I’m gonna add a dash of vinegar. I’m gonna add two mils of the eucalyptus. It’s a great cleaning spray. It’s very simple. But as you clean, you’re opening up your sinuses and actually supporting your health. I love that.

So I have a container of white vinegar here. A little jug. And I am literally just gonna put in a little dash, and it’s not really that much, and it doesn’t really need to be defined either. Like we don’t need to say a quarter of a teaspoon or half a teaspoon. Sort of up to you. But just a little – okay.

And then from there I’m going to add in the essential oil. Now I want to put 50 drops of essential oil in. And that’s a lot. So it’s a lot of drops is what I mean, to count. And so instead of counting, I’m going to use a graduated cylinder. This is my graduated cylinder. And it’s graduated by the mill. I’m going to put two mils in. So much easier than counting 50 drops. So I’m just gonna bend down and hold the bottom of the graduated cylinder so that it stays stable. And then I’m gonna add the eucalyptus right into here to two mils.

I know people don’t always think about cleaning with eucalyptus, but I have to say it works so well. And I love that I can also feel like I am opening up my breathing and supporting my sinuses, even potentially reducing a headache simply by using my cleaning spray. How about that?

So then, I’m gonna add the essential oil right into the spray bottle, And of course it’s not going to blend because it’s oil and water. It’s gonna stay at the top, but that’s okay. And the eucalyptus covers the smell of the vinegar really nicely. So if you’re not a huge fan of vinegar, this will still work for you.

And then before I use it every time before I use it I’m just gonna shake it so that I disperse the essential oil droplets all through it. Then it sprays really really nice from there. You can clean from there. Since it is oil and water, I make this fresh really frequently. I’ll make enough to use for about a week or two and then I’ll make it again. And you can vary these oils that you use in your cleaning spray. But I love eucalyptus. So that’s blend number one.

Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Pain Relief

Now another way that you can use eucalyptus is in wonderful blend for topical use. So in this case we’re going to use jojoba oil. Jojoba wax really. Liquid oil as the base and it’s going to be a blend for aches and pains Because eucalyptus is so good at reducing inflammation and reducing pain and bringing circulation to the area.

I know a lot of people think just of congestion with eucalyptus, But it’s also really good for reducing pain. So I’ve got this wonderful roll-on bottle. I love this and I’m gonna put a whole boat right into this bottle. It’s 10 mils and it’s a little glass bottle. It’s cobalt blue. And I’m gonna put in and fill this just about all the way up to the shoulder, and leave room, because I’m going to put in 6 drops of eucalyptus.

So funny. I went to smell it. I was like well there’s no there’s no smell because there’s no oil in it yet. But hope it doesn’t have much of an aroma at all. So it’s very neutral.

Let me grab my eucalyptus. I’m gonna put 6 drops into this 10 mils. Six which is a nice strong blend actually. It’s really good for pain. I’m gonna put it down on the table before I pop the top on. The top has a really great little stainless steel roller ball. I love that.

Then you can just apply this blend to any area that’s feeling like it’s hurting, or maybe from overuse, whatever it might be. So good. And on the side if you happen to have a cold or flu or allergies you could apply this to your chest, to the back of your neck. I just wouldn’t put it on my face because it’s a little strong to get a right around the eyes. Those eucalyptus fumes are pretty strong. So I would just use it on the back of my neck or my chest. It’s great to use on your feet. So that’s your second eucalyptus blend.

Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil to Reduce Sinus Congestion

Now the third one is not really a blend. The third use of eucalyptus. As much as it is, for when you are sick. When you have that cold or flu, or you’re having allergies and your head is stuffy. And in particular, if you have a sinus headache this is great.

I have a bowl of, well, it was steamy hot water, it’s just warm water now. But steamy hot water is what you would put in this bowl. And all you do is put one drop of eucalyptus into the bowl. Then you can do a steam. And I love doing steams because they just clear your head. So I would go ahead and bend down. I would smell the oil and I would have a towel over my head. And then just steam with it. And you know, it’s really funny, I don’t even have to have a towel because I can just smell it from here. So I would steam with it for about a minute. Close my eyes. Smell it. Clear my head.

And then I would leave this bowl in the room where I’m hanging out, wherever that might be. So it continues to diffuse into the air and it will smell so good and really help you clear your sinuses.

Summary of Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

So in summary we’ve created we’ve three different uses for eucalyptus, right. We made a great cleaning spray. And of course you could always add other oils into this cleaning spray if you wanted to. You might put some pinyon pine in. You might put some Siberian fir. Maybe some orange that would be really nice. But for now we’ve got a beautiful eucalyptus cleaning spray. We’ve got our beautiful roll-on for sore muscles and or cold or flu or allergies. And we’ve got the steam. So all these uses for eucalyptus. I hope you enjoy it.

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