Benefits of Clove Essential Oil

Benefits of Clove Essential Oil include relieving pain, clearing nasal passage, antiseptic action on cuts, fungal infections, insect bites, antioxidant effects fight free radicals and help prevent premature aging, and repels insects.

Clove essential oil is typically extracted from the dried flower buds of the clove tree (Eugenia caryophyllata). So, it is sometimes called clove bud oil. The leaves and stems of the clove tree have stronger chemical concentrations are are usually not used for aromatherapy, but clove leaf oil and clove stem oil can also be found.

The clove buds are picked and allowed to dry. They can then be ground up for use as a spice or they can be steam distilled to produce the essential oil.

Clove essential oil has a high ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of 1,078,700. This is the highest value of any essential oil. It helps protect against free radical damage which includes harming DNA (which may cause cancer) and living cell membranes, sometimes causing cell death.

The benefits of clove essential oil derive from the individual chemical compounds found in the oil. The African Journal of Plant Science article, Constituents of the essential oil from leaves and buds of clove (Syzigium caryophyllatum (L.) Alston), describes the major components of clove bud oil as containing:

  • Eugenol – 49.71%
  • Caryophyllene – 18.94%
  • Benzene, 1-ethyl-3-nitro – 11.12%
  • Benzoic acid, 3-(1-methylethyl) – 8.95%
  • Elixene – 3.87%
  • Caryophyllene oxide – 1.53%
  • α-Farnesene – 1.11%

The most prevalent ingredient, eugenol, is found in several essential oils including:

  • Clove
  • Nutmeg
  • Cinnamon
  • Basil
  • Bay leaf

This oil has a long history. It has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese for its fragrance and as a spice in foods. They would use cloves for good breath when they had an audience with the emperor. It anciently was used by the Greeks and Romans and has been popular in Ayurvedic medicine.

Cautions When Using Clove Essential Oil

While the FDA classifies clove oil as one of the Generally Recognized as Safe Substances (GRAS), some experts on essential oils indicate that clove oil should not be used by pregnant women, young children under 6, or people with cancer.

Benefits of Clove Essential Oil

Learn more about the benefits of clove essential oil and how you can use it around the house. Diluted clove oil can cause skin irritation in sensitive individuals. So test the oil on a small patch of skin before general use in a massage oil.

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Benefits of Clove Essential Oil as an Antioxidant

I’m gonna teach you how to use your clove essential oil. Now, clove essential oil is one of the strongest antioxidants on the planet. So if you think about healthy fruits and vegetables, they are high on what’s called an ORAC scale. And that’s a rating that just rates the effectiveness of something against free radicals.

So free radicals are these things in our environment that damage ourselves. They come from processed food, pollution, breathing, living. They’re all around us. So it’s important to have things that negate the effects of free radicals within our environment.

So clove oil is one of those things that you can use. It is about 30 times more powerful on that ORAC scale than blueberries. So, super strong, very effective. That’s why it’s on Oh Tara’s lifelong vitality supplements.

Benefits of Clove Essential Oil for Oral Health

But today I’m going to teach you how to use this practically in your home. So one of the ways that you can use clove oil is for oral health. It’s great at antibacterial properties. It’s great at numbing. So you can put a drop in some water and swirl and swish in your mouth for oral care. This is great to use after any type of oral dental work. Get approval from your dentist. But you can put a drop in water and just hold that water, and one drop of clove oil in your mouth. And it will help promote healthy gums and promote healing. So get approval from your dentist. But that’s a great way to use clove oil as well.

Benefits of Clove Essential Oil in Baking

Another thing that we do in our home is we like to bake with clove, clove oil. So you can substitute a drop of clove oil when you’re baking pumpkin bars or pretty much anything. You can even make a little chili a with some of the essential oils that have similar spices like a little bit of cinnamon, cardamom, clove. And add that to some warmed up milk or non-dairy alternative.

Another thing that you can do with your clove oil is to diffuse it. So, right now I have a diffuser blend going in our diffuser. It smells like I’ve been baking all day. But I haven’t. I just got out of the shower. I haven’t even cooked breakfast yet. But it is just a couple drops each of your clove essential oil, wild orange, and cardamom. So cardamom, wild orange, clove: couple drops of each smells absolutely fabulous.

I hope you enjoyed learning a few uses for your clove oil. For more tips head over to my blog at blissed mama dot com. We’ll see you next time thanks everyone. Bye.

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