Benefits of Spearmint Essential Oil

Benefits of spearmint essential oil include relief of nausea, indigestion, gas, bloating and cramps. It’s natural antioxidants reduce oxidative stress. Antimicrobial properties help control internal and external infections and prevent infections in wounds.

The spearmint plant (Mentha spicata) is a perennial that originates in the Mediterranean area. It is now grown around the world. A mature spearmint plant can reach about 2 feet in width and height. Another hybrid (Mentha gracilis) is often known as Scotch spearmint.

Spearmint essential oil is made using steam distillation from the green, spear-shaped leaves as well as the flowering tops of the plant. The oil has a pale yellow color and has a warm and pleasant herbaceous scent. It is often used as a flavoring in foods, mouthwash, toothpaste, breath mints, chewing gum and candy.

Benefits of Spearmint Essential Oil Come from Chemical Components

The properties of spearmint essential oil come from the chemical compounds that make up the oil.
From the journal “Journal of High Resolution Chromatography”, an article Application of Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography(GC6GC) to the Qualitative Analysis of Essential Oils lists 38 different compounds. The major compounds with at least 1% presence in the oil are:

  • Carvone (37.7%)
  • Limonene (15.0%)
  • Menthol (16.19%)
  • Menthone (9.7%)
  • Isomenthone (4.4%)
  • Neomenthol (2.4%)
  • Menthyl acetate (1.4%)
  • Dihydrocarvonee (1.1%)

Some people favor spearmint oil over peppermint oil because spearmint oil is milder. One of the main differences is that spearmint oil contains less menthol.

Spearmint essential oil has a long history of use. It’s use is recorded in the records of ancient Greece, Rome, China, and is a component of Ayurvedic medicine.

Spearmint oil is used in several ways:

  • Inhalation for fatigue and stress
  • Topically for skin conditions and muscle pain
  • Internally for digestive upsets

    The following video shows the many benefits of spearmint essential oil and how it is used.

    Benefits of Spearmint Essential Oil

    Hi and welcome to our video on spearmint essential oil. I’m Holly Draper. I’m a certified aroma therapist.

    this is our ten part video series. So let’s jump into awesome spearmint essential oil and tell and learn about all the amazing things you can use spearmint essential oil for.

    The ancient Greeks used spearmint in their lavish bathing activities. In medieval times it was popular to use spearmint essential oil in oral hygiene. Anciently, spearmint was used to heal sore gums and to whiten the teeth.

    Benefits of Spearmint Essential Oil for Digestion

    Spearmint has been used in eastern and western civilizations and found to be beneficial for all sorts of digestive disorders. So spearmint is a fantastic digestive essential oil. It stimulates healthy digestion and it may help ease occasional constipation and occasional digestive issues.

    Benefits of Spearmint Essential Oil for Mood and Mental Strain

    Spearmint oil is uplifting. It reduces mental strain and fatigue. It calms tension and it’s a great essential oil to use for stress. It’s also a very energizing essential oil. Being in the mint family, it’s very very energizing and yet good and balancing and calming for stress and tension. It’s also helpful with sadness and depressed type feelings because it’s so uplifting.

    It’s a great breath freshener. And it also stimulates your appetite. Spearmint is a great bug repellent oil. This is fantastic to use and you can also use it with bug bites.

    Spearmint is a fantastic oil. When you inhale it, it can help with morning sickness, even inhaling the scent of spearmint essential oil. And it can also help bring down inflammation in the body.

    Spearmint Essential Oil Safe for Youngsters

    If you haven’t seen our video on peppermint essential oil, please check that out too. Spearmint essential oil generally has all the same uses as peppermint essential oil. So you can use it in all the same ways. Except to remember how in our peppermint video we said that peppermint is not safe for kids ages 3 and under. Well spearmint essential oil is safe and so you can use it for kit on kids ages 3 and and younger. So spearmint essential oil is a great children’s oil.

    Benefits of Spearmint Essential Oil for Mood

    I love spearmint essential oil. I use it because it’s an amazing emotional oil. Now spearmint essential oil, specifically, targets the inner child. And it can actually support, strengthen, and it comforts our inner child. And it can actually help your inner child let go of low frequency emotional stuff like anger and rage and fear. That kind of thing sermon helps the body. Like I said, let go of that emotional baggage.

    For young kids, for your inner child, and for adults. So it’s a great essential oil. Smells so yummy. Makes you feel good and energized. And it helps you release low frequency energy emotional baggage. It also can help release emotional blocks. So it’s a great. And it’s one of my very favorite emotionally releasing essential oils. It’s a great one for stress. If you ever get stressed out, just breathe in some spearmint. Or, you know, you’re really tense or stressed, it’s a really great oil for that. You can also inhale spearmint off of a cotton ball right before you go to bed. You want to breathe it for a couple minutes off the cotton ball then set the cotton ball aside. Then lay down and go to sleep. It can actually help you sleep better.

    Importance of Organic Essential Oil

    Let’s talk about why it’s so important that your spearmint and all other essential oils are organic. The number one reason people want to use organic products is to avoid exposure to toxic chemicals like pesticides and insecticides, larvicides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and sewage sludge. And, of course, we want to avoid those things when we’re putting products in and on our body. Once these chemicals are sprayed on conventional crops, when they’re conventionally grown, it’s impossible to remove them and have a pure essential oil.

    Benefits of Spearmint Essential Oil Phytochemicals

    The phytochemicals in essential oil, the good, beneficial chemicals that come from the plant, are seventy to a hundred times more concentrated in the essential oil than they are in the plant. And this is because when they distilled into an essential oil, it concentrates those chemicals in a really powerful way. S you can see here, organic essential oils are always going to be cleaner and purer than non-organic essential oils, which actually can contain the residue of the pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and chemical fertilizers that were sprayed on most crops. Those poison toxic residues can actually be in your non-organic essential oils.

    When you choose organic products you also choose non-GMO so not genetically modified plants. You also choose to protect our land, our soil, and our water. You also choose to preserve our ecosystem and the precious organisms that are a part of our ecosystem. And you also say no to animal cruelty because these are not tested on on animals. Cleaner, healthier plants like certified organic plants, produce cleaner healthier essential oils. And organic oils are always higher quality than non-organic essential oils.

    How to Tell if Your Essential Oil is Organic

    So how can I be sure that my essential oils that I’m using are organic? It’s actually super simple. You want to see the word “organic” right on the front label of the of the of the bottle. You also want to see on the back label in the ingredient list. It should say “certified organic oil”. And you want to see the USDA certified organic seal right on the label of every bottle. Then you’re going to be assured that you’re using organic essential oils. If the words “organic” or “wild crafted” are not right on your label, then what you’re using is a non-organic essential oil. And there we’ll be traces of those toxic chemicals in that oil. And so you are not experiencing the greater benefits of certified organic essential oils.

    Purify Skin Therapy is proud to bring you USDA certified organic and wild crafted essential oils. The quality of oils we have is superior. And we believe if you’ll just try one or two of our essential oils you too will see the difference.

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    Thank you so much for joining us to learn about the benefits of spearmint essential oil.

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