Benefits of Lime Essential Oil

Benefits of Lime Essential Oil

Benefits of lime essential oil include preventing and easing viral and bacterial infections, helps reduce fever, and prevents signs of aging.

Externally, it can help prevent infections of wounds, relieve skin conditions such as acne, sores and rashes, and relieves sore muscle and arthritis pain. Internally, it helps reduce infections from the mouth, throat, intestines, to the colon, as well as the urinary system.

Lime come from a short and bushy evergreen tree (Citrus aurantifolia). There are two main types of limes: Mexican lime (also called Key lime) and Tahiti lime (called Persian or Bearss lime). It originated in Southeast Asia and spread into northern Africa. It grows in warm climates throughout the world.

Lime essential oil is extracted from lime peels by cold compression of fresh peels or steam distillation of dried peels. The oil itself ranges from pale yellow to light olive in color and has a citrus scent.

Chemical Compounds in Lime Essential Oil

The chemical components of lime essential oil give the oil its properties. The amount of each component found in a sample of oil depends on the environment in which the limes were grown and the methods used in extracting the oil. An article in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Volatile Components of Peel and Leaf Oils of Lemon and Lime Species, describes the amounts of various chemical components found in several peel samples. Components with at least 1% presence in some samples include:

  • limonene (40.4 – 94.4%)
  • γ-terpinene (trace – 21.5%)
  • β-pinene (trace – 19.2%
  • α-pinene (0.2 – 2.4%)
  • sabinene (0.1 – 19.6%)
  • myrcene (0.8 – 2.0%)
  • γ-terpinene (trace – 20.6%)
  • p-cymene (trace – 5.6%)
  • terpinolene (trace – 1.1%)
  • citronellal (trace – 1.6%)
  • citronellal (0.1 – 1.4%)
  • trans-R-bergamotene (0. – 1.4%)
  • terpinen-4-ol (trace – 1.7%)
  • neral (trace – 3.1%)
    α-terpineol (trace – 4.7%)

  • β-bisabolene (0.3 – 2.4%)
  • neryl acetate (trace – 2.0%)
  • geranial (0.0 – 6.1%)
  • (E,E)-α-farnesene (0.0 – 1.9%)
  • geranyl acetate (0.0 – 2.4%)

These compounds give lime essential oil its fragrance and taste as well as it antioxidant, antiseptic, antimicrobial, fever reducing, wound healing, digestion enhancing properties.

Cautions About Using Lime Essential Oil

Diluted lime essential oil applied to skin can cause irritation. Test an application on small areas before using it for a general massage. Also, lime essential oil applied to the skin will cause photosensitivity, causing chemically induced skin irritation in sunlight. So avoid direct exposure to sunlight for 12 to 24 hours after application.

More About the Benefits of Lime Essential Oil

Hey guys. What’s up? It’s Heather Grant and today I’m gonna be talking about lime essential oil. Lime, it’s just yummy. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love the smell of lime. Like it’s just yummy. And it’s fun.

So. ways that you can use lime:

Benefits of Lime Essential Oil – Soar Throat and Fever

Obviously for sore throats. right. Similar to lemon. And the fact that you can use for sore throat. You can drink it in your water.

And it’s gonna help to detox your body because it’s one of those citrus oils that helps to break down petrochemicals in our body.

It’s also really really great when we’re talking about fevers. So it’s one of those oils that I love to use with peppermint to actually bring down a fever when my children are sick or don’t feel good. I use lime as my number one go-to oil when my children have mucus in their in their chest and they’re dealing with congestion. So simply, literally just applying lime and then a warm compress over the top of that.

Benefits of Lime Essential Oil – Congestion and Mucus

It is my number one oil when we’re talking about chest congestion, mucus in your throat, that nasty cough. It’s just full of mucousy gunk. Lime is just one of those little miracle worker oils for that. So, that’s my go-to for that.

Benefits of Lime Essential Oil – Head Lice

It’s a really great oil when we’re talking about head lice. You can actually mix it with melaleuca oil and use that as a spray in their hair to prevent head lice, or to get rid of head lice. So it’s a good one for that.

Benefits of Lime Essential Oil – Relieve Itching

And then also, chicken pox, right. So maybe something that you didn’t know about lime is that you can actually use it to relieve chicken pox itching and misery of chicken pox. So I actually got chicken pox as a first grader and had horrific, a horrific, horrific itching. Great big huge, red, awful sores. And now they have vaccinations and things like that. But if you’re someone who, you have chicken pox, or you have a child that’s dealing with chicken pox, lime is a great oil for that.

Benefits of Lime Essential Oil – Mood Lifting

And then one of the other things that I wanted to mention is emotionally. Right. So when we’re talking about emotionally, how you can use lime, it’s, um, it’s emotionally for the, it’s called, the zest of life. It’s emotionally for the zest of life. So, when we’re talking about someone who’s dealing with suicidal thoughts, depression, apathy, discouragement, really just grief or sad thoughts and feelings, lime is something that can really help bring joy into their life again. Right.

It can help us to feel happiness. To feel emotionally safe, revitalized, courageous, and to be able to just be back to our happy normal selves. Really give us that zest and determination to live life to the fullest, and to live life joyfully. And so lime is a great oil for that.

So it’s a really fun one to diffuse in your home. It just smells amazing. It’s a fun one to cook with and to clean with. And all of those fun things.

How Do You Use Lime Essential Oil

But I want to know how you guys use lime essential oil. And so if you would below post in the comments. Let me know how your family uses lime to take care of your health and to better your lives.

Experience the Benefits of Lime Essential Oil With a Free Sample

And then also, if you want to try a free essential oil sample you can actually do that on my website. It’s Heather Grant And you can actually request a free essential oil sample there. I will personally reach out to you to meet your needs and to find out what you’re dealing with. And I will send you some free samples in the mail.

So please feel free to do that and then also you can always find me on Facebook. And then I want to go ahead and invite you to subscribe to my Youtube channel if you haven’t already. There’s literally, like hundreds of tips and tricks and short helpful videos on essential oils and how to take care of your family naturally. So when I go ahead and invite you to do that.

Everyone have an awesome day. Bye guys.

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